Colloquy Downeast season starts Sept. 5

BLUE HILL — Colloquy Downeast has announced its fall season of colloquies.

What is a colloquy? The word is a Greek word meaning conversation. The Colloquy Downeast organization finds facilitators who want to invite others into a conversation about a particular topic. The groups meet once a week, for three to five weeks, at the Blue Hill Public Library. All are welcome.

Beginning Sept. 5, Richard Jacoby, a retired physician, will offer a conversation exploring the historical context of human diseases such as the bubonic plague, smallpox, malaria and Spanish influenza that have had a profound impact on society.

On Sept. 8, John O’Shea, a retired attorney with a master’s degree in literature, will offer a discussion of the intertwining of law and the literature of Greek tragedies, Shakespeare, Melville and a modern playwright

In October, Bob Sargent, a retired diplomat, and Court Haight, a retired international banker, will explore China’s claims on territory in the South China seas. Arnold Berleant, a retired professor of philosophy and expert on aesthetics, offers a conversation about how we think about art. Ron Lesko, a retired professor of political science, asks others to join him in discussing whether American democracy is in danger in the context of current political events.

In November, Ken Hillas, a retired Foreign Service officer, explores one of the most important presidential briefing documents to lead a discussion of the current state of world politics.

No one needs to have any background in any of these subjects to join the conversation. Sign up at or mail in one of the bright yellow fliers available at area libraries. Tuition is $50 but can be waived as requested.

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