Jason Spinney, half owner of the pontoon-style floating structure pictured on the screen, speaks to city councilors and Green Lake shorefront property owners on April 19. FILE PHOTO

City Council to discuss floating structures

ELLSWORTH — A July 15 City Council workshop will address issues surrounding floating structures. Some Green Lake residents have voiced concerns about noise from floats and other watercraft kept close to shore for days and weeks at a time. While previous discussions surrounding floating structures, which often draw additional watercraft to tie up and join the fun, have focused on Green Lake, the workshop will address floating structures on all city lakes. 

Lakefront property owners own land out to the mean low tide line, with a public easement for fishing, fowling and navigation. The state owns submerged land from the mean low-water line out to 3 nautical miles and has authority to manage those coastal waters. Legislation introduced at the state level in February to address floating structures in state lakes was recently carried over to the next legislative session.

The July 15 workshop will be held in the City Council chambers at 6 p.m.

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