Blue Hill Heritage Trust recently announced plans for improvements to Caterpillar Hill. Pictured are Hans Carlson, executive director for Blue Hill Heritage Trust; Julia Zell, executive director for Island Heritage Trust; Ciona Ulbrich, senior project manager for Maine Coast Heritage Trust; Larry Johannesman of the Maine Department of Transportation. PHOTO COURTESY OF CHRISSY ALLEN

Caterpillar Hill improvements planned

SEDGWICK — Improvements are planned for both the Cooper Farm Preserve blueberry fields and the Maine DOT turnout off Route 15 on Caterpillar Hill in Sedgwick, the Blue Hill Heritage Trust announced Friday.

“Since the acquisition of the most recent parcel in 2018, which finally secured the hilltop land, plans have been in the works for ways to improve the property, making it safer and more accessible while keeping the scenic views,” said Development Director Chrissy Allen.

A total of 177 acres of woods, field and roadside on the slopes of Caterpillar Hill are currently owned and managed by the trust.

This is the culmination of a multi-phase project that is over 20 years in the making and a unique collaboration among three land trusts to protect this property and treasured community landmark, Allen said. “Blue Hill Heritage Trust, Island Heritage Trust and Maine Coast Heritage Trust are collaborating on the improvement plans, as they also did on the fundraising efforts for the land acquisitions. Plans include an accessible graded walking trail, some places to sit and improved parking.”

Meanwhile, the Maine Department of Transportation is looking at repairs and improvements to the scenic turnout off Route 15, Allen said. Representatives from all four entities met on site in May to discuss plans, ways to integrate the roadside turnout and accessible trail improvements and how to work together.

For more information, contact Blue Hill Heritage Trust at [email protected] or call 374-5118.

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