Christy Haskell finds stock for her C & A 2nd Hand Store from donations but mostly from bidding on storage lockers abandoned by renters. ELLSWORTH AMERICAN PHOTO BY ANNE BERLEANT

C &A 2nd Hand Store open in Mill Mall

ELLSWORTH — The local new-to-you shopping choices expanded recently with the opening of C & A 2nd Hand Store in March. Located in the Mill Mall, owner Christy Haskell said she and her husband purchased a number of storage units and made the switch from a home-based business to a storefront. The storage units, she added, are not local but from Portland and other farther regions.

“We carry everything,” she said while tagging new items behind the front counter. “Dishes, tools, suitcases, baby clothes … You name it, I’ve got it.”

Haskell left her home care positions to open C & A 2nd Hand Store and has no regrets. “I’m a storage wars person,” she laughed. “I bid and buy.”

A wander through the several rooms in the store show that C &A does indeed carry practically everything a person might need, including items they did not even know they needed, from a copy of “Strange But True Baseball Stories” to a glass door knob to a photography developing tank.

But beyond interesting but random items, the store has racks of clothing in good condition, shelves of shoes and boots, a roomful of tools, child car seats, bed frames, wall art, ceiling fans and Christmas decorations. A person could easily spend 50 cents or $50.

“People come from Veazie, from Downeast,” Haskell said.

A recent purchase of a tractor-trailer full of new furniture poses an issue, though. “There’s no way I can bring it in here,” she said. Instead, she plans a photograph display.

“Business has been pretty good,” she said. “Some days slow, some days booming.”

C & A 2nd Hand Store is open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and can be reached at 412-0755.

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