Work on the planned Dairy Queen Grill and Chill on the former site of the Darling’s auto dealership has restarted, according to owner Christopher Thorne. There is no timeline for opening, said Thorne, although he estimated there is about “four months construction to do.” ELLSWORTH AMERICAN PHOTO BY KATE COUGH

Work on Dairy Queen restarted

ELLSWORTH — Work on the planned Dairy Queen Grill & Chill in the Maine Coast Mall complex has restarted after a months-long hiatus, according to owner Christopher Thorne of Ellsworth Soft Serve LLC.

“It’s still happening,” said Thorne, who did not yet have an opening date for the restaurant. Paperwork and regulations held up the project, he said.

“The issue was environmental work,” Thorne said. “Nothing was wrong with it — it was just a paperwork issue going back to the 1950s. Things take time.”

The restaurant was slated to open in December 2017, according to a timeline provided to The American by Maine Coast Mall spokesman Dan MacIntyre last August. Thorne said he doesn’t anticipate any big hang-ups going forward.

“We’re quickly reaching back out to all of contractors to get the ball rolling again and at least get the construction done,” Thorne said. “We’ve probably got four months construction to do.”

The roughly 2,600-square-foot building will be situated next to McDonald’s on the site of the former Darling’s auto dealership. Ellsworth Soft Serve LLC also runs Dairy Queens in Brewer and Waterville.

In a previous interview, MacIntyre told The American that the chain will offer burgers, hot dogs and other sandwiches in addition to its ice cream menu. It also will have a drive-through window.

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