Rosen’s closing after a century in business


BUCKSPORT — The Rosen’s clothing store is closing after 103 years in business.

“The original goal of running the business was to provide for what has been three generations of family members,” said current owner Richard Rosen. “That goal has been met.”

Rosen said he has essentially been working two full-time jobs for years between running the store and working in the public sector. A former state legislator, he is now director of the Governor’s Office of Policy and Management.

To reassure any uneasy minds, Rosen said he and his family are in good health and he and his wife, Kimberley, will continue to live in Bucksport. They have not yet decided what to do with the Rosen’s building, but hope its future use will continue to enhance the town’s Main Street and waterfront.

The store began a storewide clearance sale Wednesday.

“When the inventory’s gone, that’s when we’ll close,” Rosen said.

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Cyndi Wood

Cyndi Wood

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