• Connecticut company tries to hawk Ellsworth American stories

    ELLSWORTH — A Connecticut outfit called That’s Great News is bad news for newspaper publishers. Though it has been sued for copyright infringement, That’s Great News continues to poach news stories and personality profiles, make them into plaques and offer them for sale to the business or individual featured in the article. Individuals featured in

  • Lab lands $12.5 million for Ellsworth facility

    Lab lands $12.5 million for Ellsworth facility

    ELLSWORTH — The Jackson Laboratory has been awarded $12.5 million in voter-approved bond funding for its new state-of-the-art mouse production facility in Ellsworth. The grant from the Maine Technology Institute was announced Monday. The lab’s Ellsworth vivarium is now under construction at the site of the former Lowe’s home improvement store at Kingsland Crossing. It

  • Tupper joins Camden National Bank

    Amanda Tupper has joined Camden National Bank as the Ellsworth Plaza’s banking center manager. Growing up, Tupper traveled all over the country as her father served as a petty officer in the United States Navy. After her father retired, her family decided to place their roots in Ellsworth. Tupper began her career at the city

  • Cleaning company settles into business incubator

    Cleaning company settles into business incubator

    ELLSWORTH — The Union River Center for Innovation isn’t just for science and tech. Space is also available to rent on a monthly basis for members like Mindy Proulx, owner of Pro31 Cleaners, who came looking for an office as her business began to grow. “It’s a blessing for me to be able to come

  • Researcher works to develop a test for deadly diseases

    Researcher works to develop a test for deadly diseases

    ELLSWORTH — The newest tenant at the Union River Center for Innovation may be living and working locally, but she hopes her work will reach thousands of miles away — to the coast West Africa and beyond. Christine Soto moved to Bar Harbor with her family in June, a year after starting Monoclonals Inc. at

  • Bigelow Investment advisors joins forces with Wind River Capital Management

    PORTLAND — Bigelow Investment Advisors is teaming up with Wind River Capital Management, an investment advisory firm with offices in Brunswick and Ellsworth. The combined organization will be known as Bigelow Investment Advisors. Based in Portland, Bigelow Investment Advisors was founded in 2007 around the core principles of a low client-advisor ratio, personalized and inclusive

  • Camden National announces bonuses for employees

    ELLSWORTH — Camden National Bank announced Thursday that, as a result of the recently enacted tax reform, it will “make strategic investments in line with its core values in order to benefit employees and the customers and communities they serve.” The bank will award all non-executive, full-time employees a $1,000 cash bonus, and all part-time

  • Egg prices skyrocketing

    Egg prices skyrocketing

    ELLSWORTH — Americans’ ongoing love affair with high-protein diets is causing egg prices to skyrocket. Ellsworth native Shelly Davis Camp said she is following a “keto,” or ketogenic diet, which is low-carbohydrate, and eats a lot of eggs. “I cook a dozen every few days,” Camp said. The cost of a dozen store-brand large white

  • On-the-job training offered through EMDC

    ELLSWORTH — Mainers who have been laid off from work in Hancock, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties are eligible for a program that will pay a portion of their salary as they are trained in a new industry. According to a press release, On the Job Training is a program offered by Eastern Maine Development Corp.

  • Why doesn’t The Grand show new releases? We asked

    Why doesn’t The Grand show new releases? We asked

    ELLSWORTH — Nick Turner, executive director of The Grand, knows residents want to watch young Rey wield her light saber on the big screen during “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” “I’d love that!” he exclaims. “Why doesn’t The Grand show first-run movies? It’s been a common question ever since I arrived, especially since the mall