New business offers a sauna, pediatric massage

This infrared sauna at Coastal Health & Wellness Therapeutic Massage and Holistic Healing offers a “wonderful, natural warm feeling,” according to proprietor Nancy Hunt-Remick.

ELLSWORTH — A local woman’s own experience with Lyme disease has led her to start a new business with the goal of helping others dealing with it and other ailments.

Nancy Hunt-Remick runs Coastal Health & Wellness Therapeutic Massage and Holistic Healing. It is located at 567 Bangor Road in Ellsworth.

In her own experience with Lyme disease, which she has had for almost two years, Hunt-Remick learned that using an infrared sauna could be helpful as something that would “enhance her healing.”

She found out there were no such saunas available locally, however, and traveling long distances was not a realistic option. So she and her husband decided to invest in one and it is now in place at her office.

Though Lyme disease patients can be helped, Hunt-Remick said it also can help ease the pain of things such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and other ailments. She stressed that while it can help people suffering from those things, it is not a cure.

“It’s not going to heal anyone,” she said, but it can help make them feel better. “It’s an enhancement to treatment they’re already doing.”

Nancy Hunt-Remick

Hunt-Remick said the infrared sauna has a feel similar to sunbathing, with a “wonderful, natural warm feeling,” without the risk of sunburn. She said it can also help a person to get rid of toxins in their skin at a cellular level.

Another part of Hunt-Remick’s business is certified pediatric massage therapy. She has trained with Tina Allen, founder of the Liddle Kidz Foundation. Hunt-Remick said the type of massage she has been trained in is designed to help children who have experienced trauma in their lives or who “are dealing with everyday anxiety.”

The massage is designed for children age 4 or older. She said it helps children learn about boundaries for their bodies, what is an appropriate kind of touch, and she said it helps them feel that they have control over something in their life.

“Children get to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the treatment that day,” said Hunt-Remick. “Nothing will ever be done without their permission. This is an empowering tool for children and allows them to use their voice.”

Hunt-Remick said she is also trained to work with children who have cerebral palsy, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Down syndrome and traumatic brain injuries. Though she only works in her office right now, her plan is to make house visits in the future.

Hunt-Remick also offers massage offerings for adults, Partnering with Kristé Sprague, she also offers what she calls “nurturing touch for grief,” designed to help people “who are trying to find their way through some type of grief in their lives.”

For more information about any of Hunt-Remick’s offerings, call 460-9623 or find her on Facebook by searching for “Coastal Health & Wellness Therapeutic Massage and Holistic Healing.”

Steve Fuller

Steve Fuller

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