Hailee Carter and Teagan Candage in front of their new shop, The Crafty Baker, on Deane Street. The couple plan to start offering crafting classes and baked goods starting in September. ELLSWORTH AMERICAN PHOTO BY KATE COUGH

New bakery and craft store opening in September

ELLSWORTH — Want to have a glass of wine, eat some zucchini bread and take a painting class? You’re in luck. Hailee Carter and Teagan Candage plan on opening The Crafty Baker, a bake shop/craft store, at 56 Deane St. this September.

“I started baking from a young age with my grandmother,” said Carter, who grew up in Otis. The couple bought their first house on Deane Street two years ago; The Crafty Baker will be in a new space they’ve been building this year in the front yard.

“The crafting I definitely got from my mom,” Carter continued. “She’s always been into scrapbooking and things like that.”

Carter spent several years in the Army stationed in Virginia before coming to Ellsworth, where she took a job at Aspen Dental. “I’ve always wanted to have my own business,” said Carter, who describes her craft style as “farmhouse.” The couple’s house, which they’ve been fixing up together, is dotted with Carter’s style: an antique bureau, salvaged from Portland Head Light (a Candage family heirloom), that Carter stripped and repainted; an old window-turned-art-piece, dotted with seaglass and finished with resin.

Friends and family helped build the one-room, high-ceiling shop in the front yard. The space will have a display case for baked goods as well as tables for classes.

Carter plans to hold themed craft classes and will have a license for guests to bring their own beverages.

“So you can bring your own wine, do a painting class, something like that,” she said. All of the baked goods will be made in her home, starting with breads (zucchini, carrot, pumpkin, lemon raspberry, blueberry and blackberry) and cinnamon rolls at first and branching out into biscuits and fruit pies.

“I’ll be baking everything in the house then transferring the baked goods out here for sale,” said Carter, adding that much of the produce will be grown in the couple’s backyard.

The coronavirus pandemic has slowed aspects of the project down a little, said Carter, but “We had some families and friends helping out. They built it from the ground up with us.”

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