Maine Grind Changing Hands

ELLSWORTH — Rich and Cary Hanson, owners of Cleonice Restaurant, are taking over management of the Maine Grind café Jan. 1.

The couple will continue to operate Cleonice at its current location on Main Street.

“We’re managing it and then we’ll be buying it,” Rich Hanson said of the Maine Grind.

Customers will not notice any dramatic changes, Hanson said. The business’s hours and staff will remain the same.

New items will be added to the menu and more food will be cooked in-house.

The café will roast its own beef, turkey and ham for sandwiches. The three daily soup choices will also be made on site.

The Maine Grind will continue to offer selections from local bakers as well new baked goods and homemade granola bars.

Hanson said he also plans to sell gourmet pizza.

The Grind may close for a week in February while new equipment and a hood are installed in the kitchen.

“Our intention is to add a few things but also maintain the convivial air that the Maine Grind has,” Hanson said. “We want to continue to be Ellsworth’s living room and what better addition to a living room than gourmet pizza?”

There are also plans for live entertainment.

“In five short years the Grind has become a downtown Ellsworth institution and we look forward to Rich and Cary Hanson bringing their style to what we have already created here,” said Maine Grind founders Leslie Harlow and Peter Rogers in a prepared statement.

The pair will continue to own and manage the Maine Grind building, which rents space to numerous businesses.

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Cyndi Wood

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