Camden National announces bonuses for employees

ELLSWORTH — Camden National Bank announced Thursday that, as a result of the recently enacted tax reform, it will “make strategic investments in line with its core values in order to benefit employees and the customers and communities they serve.”

The bank will award all non-executive, full-time employees a $1,000 cash bonus, and all part-time employees a $750 cash bonus.

“The recent tax change has provided us a unique opportunity to make meaningful investment decisions that complement our existing values and strategies,” said Greg Dufour, president and CEO. “By making these investments, we’re able to reward our dedicated employees who work hard each day to serve our customers and give back to the community. We’re also in a position to accelerate projects that enhance our customers’ experiences and continue to create long-term growth and value for our shareholders.”

Additional investments have also been earmarked to evaluate employee compensation and increase access to continued employee education.

Camden National has also expanded investments in philanthropy, building on the foundation of its [email protected] program, which has already contributed nearly $250,000 to local homeless shelters and other community-based organizations.

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