A burnt ceiling heater was among the damage caused by fire at Schoodic Institute. ACADIA NATIONAL PARK PHOTO

Swift response spares SERC from fire damage

WINTER HARBOR — The quick response of the Winter Harbor/Gouldsboro Fire Department prevented a potential blaze at a building at the Schoodic Center in Acadia National Park this weekend.

A fire alarm in building, known as the Bunkhouse, was triggered at 1:52 a.m. on Sunday July 1. A dozen volunteer firefighters in four fire engines from Gouldsboro and Winter Harbor responded and prevented sparks and smoke turning into an active fire.

Firefighters used an infrared camera to identify the location of the highest temperatures and the source of the smoke in the building, which was a sparking ceiling heater.

Once electrical power to the building was shut off, firefighters were able to use a ladder to reach the heater, remove it as well as the surrounding ceiling tiles, and extinguish embers in the area.

“I am very grateful for the assistance of local communities and the Winter Harbor/Gouldsboro Fire Department,” said park Superintendent Kevin Schneider in a press release. “The building the firefighters saved is very important to over 900 students a year who come to stay near the ocean for multiple days while learning in Acadia National Park.”

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