Update: Murder suspect transported to Machias for initial hearing

Quaneysha Greeley

MACHIAS — Quaneysha Greeley, 19, appeared in court for her first hearing in Maine on murder charges in the death of Sally Shaw last month in Cherryfield.

Greeley was transported from Queens, N.Y., to the Washington County Jail on Thursday, after waiving her extradition rights. She arrived at 3 a.m. for Friday’s 1 p.m. initial appearance. She remained in the Machias jail while Judge David Mitchell oversaw the proceedings by videoconference from Calais.

Carine Reeves, a 37-year-old charged alongside Greeley, remained behind in New York, where he is facing separate charges related to an assault.

The initial hearing did not require Greeley to submit a plea. Her next appearance is a bail hearing scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 16, at 9 a.m.

“The court advised her of what she was charged with,” said Assistant Attorney General Leane Zainea. She said Greeley faces a charge of intentional or knowing murder.

Defense attorneys Jeff Davidson and Nate Hodgkins filed an affidavit with the court to represent Greeley, who is indigent.

Davidson said the state’s probable cause affidavit hasn’t been released to him or Hodgkins, so they don’t know much about the case against Greeley yet. The two met her three hours before the initial hearing.

“The first day of a case like this, we don’t have all the police reports,” Davidson said. “It takes some time for them to get that stuff together and get it to us.”

Reeves will have separate counsel when he arrives in Maine, according to Davidson.

Shaw’s body was found alongside Route 193 in Cherryfield on July 19. A 2017 Chevy Impala she had rented was found 11 miles away with front-end damage. Police arrested Greeley and Reeves on July 26.

Jack Dodson has worked for The Ellsworth American since mid-2017, and covers eastern Hancock and western Washington counties. He grew up in the Mid-coast region before living in New York City for five years, where he freelanced in documentary filmmaking and journalism. He is particularly interested in criminal justice, environment and immigration reporting.