Local man charged with “school shooting threat”

Michael Allen

ELLSWORTH — Michael Allen, 19, of Ellsworth was arrested Wednesday after allegedly making threats in an online gaming forum relating to a “possible school shooting threat,” the Ellsworth Police Department wrote in a press release.

The department was alerted Wednesday to the threat by Special Agent Raymond Goergen, who works in the FBI’s Bangor office.

Goergen reported to police that his office had been notified by a company in Denmark that hosts “Clash of Clans,” an online game where players build towns by fighting other players for resources.

“The company provided the FBI with a copy of the concerning posts as well as the IP address which the user was most recently logged onto,” police wrote.

“Using this IP address we were able to track the user to a local residence.”

Officers went to the home and spoke to Allen, who lives there with his mother and 17-year-old brother. As a result of the interview, Allen was arrested and charged with terrorizing and violation of conditional release and taken to the Hancock County Jail.

In a letter to parents and guardians on Thursday, Ellsworth School Superintendent Dan Higgins wrote that “while the posted messages did not indicate a specific school, time, or date, the threat did target the school department’s school resource officer.”

Higgins went on to remind parents and students to report any concerns to school administration and law enforcement, adding that “our highest priority is the safety and security of all students and staff.”

In his letter, Higgins identified Allen as “an Ellsworth High School student.”

According to Allen’s Facebook page, he worked as a dishwasher at Bangkok Restaurant. The page also lists him as belonging to numerous groups, including the “The fight to stop bullying NOW!” as well as the “Everything Gaming Community.”

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