Harrington clammer’s body found

HARRINGTON — The body of 62-year old Delbert Caler of Harrington was discovered Thursday morning in the water a half mile away from Lower Wass Cove on the Pleasant River.

Caler’s body was found by a local fisherman working with Maine Marine Patrol to locate the shellfish harvester, who had been missing since he had gone clamming Wednesday evening.

Marine Patrol received a report Thursday morning at approximately 6 a.m. that Caler was missing.

The search, coordinated by the Marine Patrol, began immediately and involved many locals searching on the water and shore. The Maine Warden Service also assisted in the search.

Caler’s body was found at approximately 9 a.m. in the water a half mile away from where, earlier in the morning, clamming gear believed to be his was found.

Caler’s body is being transferred to the Medical Examiner’s Office in Augusta for confirmation of cause of death.

Involved in Thursday’s search were Marine Patrol sergeants Colin MacDonald and Russell Wright, officers Keith York and Jonathan Varnum, pilot Steve Ingram and specialist Mark Murry. Bayley Grant and Scott Osgood of the Maine Warden Service were also involved in the search as were many members of the local community.

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