Frozen pipe prompts fire alarm at Seaport Village

ELLSWORTH — A report of fire in a laundry chute on the second floor of Seaport Village prompted a response from fire crews just before 9 on Tuesday morning. No one was hurt.

Ellsworth Fire Chief Richard Tupper said the department was notified of an alarm and the discharging of a sprinkler system. When firefighters arrived, the maintenance director of Seaport Village reported a fire in the chute, but firefighters were unable to find any flames, although they did find water in the chute.

“Further investigation revealed a frozen sprinkler pipe that was the root cause of the issue,” Tupper said.

Electricity was shut off to some parts of the building while staff worked to dry out water pooling in lights from the activation of the sprinkler system. Some water also reportedly seeped into a food locker and may have damaged the contents of the locker.

Tupper commended the staff of the nursing home for taking quick action during the incident.

“They did an excellent job of sheltering in place and getting residents down the hallway through fire doors so that they were semi-protected inside,” he said.

Tupper said Seaport also accounted for all of the residents.

“That’s extremely helpful,” Tupper said. “It takes the burden off of us trying to figure out where everybody is.”

Fire crews from Ellsworth, Hancock, Lamoine and Trenton responded to the scene. The Dedham Fire Department provided station coverage.

“It may sound like overkill, but with such a complex structure we need all the help we can get in the event of a fire,” Tupper said.

On another note, Tupper on Tuesday reminded residents not to cross flooded roadways during a rainstorm.

“Even if it looks like a few inches of water there might not be a road underneath it,” the chief said.


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