Boys respond to cry for help in the cold

Logan Leighton and Emmett Moshier came to the rescue of an older woman who fell while trying to take her dog out for a walk Sunday afternoon in Winter Harbor.

WINTER HARBOR — Two boys’ concern and quick response to a fallen elderly woman’s plight cut short a life-threatening situation during last weekend’s bitter cold.

Sunday afternoon, 14-year-old Logan Leighton and Emmett Moshier, 12, were out for a walk and headed down to the town pier when the boys heard a voice in the frigid air. The temperature had finally nudged up above zero and hovered between 7 and 9 degrees. A dog’s bark and cry for help followed.

Walking farther, Logan and Emmett found an elderly woman had slipped at the foot of the wheelchair ramp leading up to her Harbor Road home. She had gone out to take her small dog for a brief walk.

“She was lying on the ramp belly down. The dog was sitting beside her,” recalled Logan, an eighth-grader at the Ella Lewis School in Steuben, on Tuesday. “I don’t think she would have made it much longer.”

“We knew we needed to help her because it was so cold,” related Emmett, a seventh-grader at the Peninsula School and co-captain of the lobster boat Knotty Boyz. He phoned his mother, Megan Moshier, who called 911.

With the dog secured, Logan and Emmett helped the Harbor Road resident get up on her uninjured leg and maneuver toward her doorway. In the meantime, Moshier arrived and she and the boys got the woman inside.

An emergency medical technician and the woman’s daughter shortly arrived and took her mother to a local hospital, where she is recovering from a broken bone.

“She and her family are so grateful — beyond words — to the boys for coming to her aid,” the daughter said Tuesday.

Letitia Baldwin

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