Boy Scouts offer to shop for those in need

ELLSWORTH – Boy Scout Troop 86 worked hard to save up for a spring break trip to Gettysburg and Washington, D.C., but when the trip was called off due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Scouts decided to channel their disappointment into acts of service.

The dozen or so Scouts, ranging in age from 10 to 18, are volunteering to do the shopping for individuals in need. That includes area residents, especially the elderly, who are trying to isolate at home because they are at high risk for the virus or are otherwise unable to get out and do their shopping. Troop leader Mike Springer said the troop will shop and deliver the groceries and other necessities to homes in Ellsworth, Hancock, Trenton, Lamoine and Surry. Individuals can reimburse the troop by check, credit card or cash.

“We really want people to feel comfortable that we’re not asking for money up front,” Springer said, noting that there are plenty of scams happening at this time.

Troop members are willing to shop for groceries, personal care items, blankets and other small items. They will not buy tobacco, alcohol or electronics. Due to the limited stock of certain items, such as toilet paper, on store shelves, the Scouts will try to fill orders “to the best of their ability,” Springer said.

“It’ll be first come, first serve to the best of our resources,” Springer said.

Troop members have also volunteered to make deliveries to clients of the Loaves & Fishes food pantry.

Call Springer at 479-7948 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. to place an order.

Cyndi Wood

Cyndi Wood

Managing Editor
Cyndi is managing editor of The Ellsworth American. The Ellsworth native joined the staff of The American in 2007 as a reporter.

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