Blue Hill voters approve all ballot measures

BLUE HILL — Voters here on April 20 elected a selectman and two School Board members and approved all 16 other ballot articles.

Article 7 asked voters if the town should raise $106,000 from property tax for additional tuition payments to George Stevens Academy. The academy was asking for an additional $1,000 per student above the state-set tuition rate. Both the Board of Selectmen and Budget Committee recommended a “no” vote, but voters said yes, approving the measure 277-200.

Voters also favored (345-131) expanding the Board of Selectmen from three members to five. The change will become effective at the 2022 annual Town Meeting, when an additional selectman will be elected to a two-year term and another to a three-year term. Also starting with the 2022 annual meeting, the position of road commissioner will transition from an elected to an appointed role. Voters approved that article 278-196. Compensation for selectmen, another ballot question, will be an annual stipend of $5,000 with no health insurance payments. Presently, selectmen are paid an hourly wage plus the cost of health insurance premiums.

David Miller ran unopposed for a selectman’s seat. He was elected with 362 votes. Candace Gray and Nina Milliken were elected to the School Board with 287 and 313 votes, respectively. A third candidate, Sean Dooley, received 158 votes. Sergei Breus, Mary Alice Hurvitt and declared write-in candidate Scott Blanchard were elected to the Planning Board. 

The municipal budget is $3,344,285 with $2,190,217 to be raised through property taxes. The school budget is $6,035,633. Of that total, $5.5 million will be raised locally. 

Voters also approved two ordinance amendments to address solar facilities and mobile vendors. 

Cyndi Wood

Cyndi Wood

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