Blue Hill hospital, town of Stonington projects slated for federal funding

BLUE HILL — A $1 million appropriation for modernizing Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital’s emergency department and $394,000 to improve waterfront access in Stonington were among the 106 Maine projects funded by federal appropriation bills for fiscal year 2022.

More than $264.9 million was allocated for Maine projects by the Senate Appropriations Committee, according to an Oct. 18 announcement from U.S. Sen. Susan Collins. The senator is a senior member of the committee. The bills still had to be voted on by the full Senate and House.

The $1 million for Blue Hill Hospital is “To support construction and equipment purchases needed to upgrade Emergency Department trauma and procedure rooms.”

The $394,000 for Stonington is to acquire land for the Stonington Water District Development. The stated purpose is “To preserve working waterfront access for the fishing industry and to expand the municipal water system. This project involves acquiring a critical parcel of land in the downtown fishing harbor that is adjacent to the Stonington Sanitary District and that will increase public waterfront access.”

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