Bar Harbor is first county town with referendum results

BAR HARBOR — Only 10 minutes after the polls closed at 8 p.m., Bar Harbor was the first town in Hancock County with its results reported.

On Question 1, for a casino in York County, Bar Harbor residents were strongly opposed: 158 said yes, while 1,424 said no.

On Question 2, whether to expand Medicaid, the split was the opposite: 1,293 in favor and 303 opposed.

On Question 3, the highway bond got strong support: 1,385 in favor and 2o4 opposed.

On Question 4, a constitutional amendment to restructure the state’s retirement system, voters were also largely in favor: 1,272 said yes while 259 said no.

Turnout in Bar Harbor was about 36 percent, with 1,601 out of 4,451 registered voters casting ballots.

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