Area 912 Project Members Plan to Attend Tea Party Rally

SURRY — The 912 Project launched by conservative political commentator Glenn Beck has received support nationwide, including a growing number of Hancock County residents, dozens of whom are planning to attend a Tea Party in Augusta April 15.

The grassroots movement aims to restore traditional American values, uphold the Constitution and take back the government from the “far left” and its quest for “power and control,” according to Surry resident William Barker.

Barker organized the 912 Project of Eastern Maine and has attracted 82 members in a little more than a month. According to news reports, more than 350,000 citizens nationwide have joined Beck’s 912 Project.

The project takes its name from Sept. 12, 2001, which is described by project organizers as the day “America was reunited again as a country, one nation under God…”

Barker said 912 Project groups meet to discuss politics, government and current issues. The 912 Project espouses nine principles and 12 values.

Barker said that regularly held meetings of the 912 Project in Surry are educational and give members a place to come and vent their concerns and come up with ideas and solutions.

The 912 Project of Eastern Maine is taking action on April 15 and traveling to Augusta to participate in the Tea Party rally in Capital Park. Tea Party rallies are being organized across the country by conservative organizations.

Information about the 912 Project of Eastern Maine is available on the Web at and by calling Barker at 667-4861 or Hutchins at 359-5574.

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Nicole Ouellette

Nicole Ouellette

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