Apartments proposed off Bucksport Road

ELLSWORTH — On Wednesday evening, Aug. 7, the Planning Board unanimously approved as complete an application for two one-story apartment buildings and two storage buildings on Carriage Way, a subdivision off the Bucksport Road located just before Forest Ridge Campground.

The buildings will each be 5,420 square feet, with six units in each, on a 1.9-acre parcel of land. The property is being developed as Buzzell Woods for Jeff Buzzell. The land is zoned for urban use.

The hearing was a preliminary plan review to ensure the application is complete.

“What we’re here to do today is make a determination that the plan is complete,” said Board Chairman John Fink. “Not that anything in the plan is good or bad, just that we are presented with the materials the ordinance says we should be.”

The plans are “pretty straightforward,” said Steve Salsbury, a surveyor representing Buzzell. There will be 12 residential units, served by city water and sewer, and two garages. The garages will each have two bays that may be rented out by tenants or used for other storage.

“We’ve made provisions for the future should they be converted to some other use,” Salsbury said.

“They’re not meant to be nor will they be residential things?” asked board Member Richard Lyles.

“No, not under this proposal,” Salsbury said.

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