Anah Academicians Unit

The Academicians unit, also known as the “The First Section,” was formed in 1955. The group’s purpose is to indoctrinate new Shriners through the First Section degree ceremony, which teaches the history, mission and philosophy of the Shrine. There are four sections within the unit from which members may choose to join: Ritualists, Make-Up, Properties and Technicians. Each section has a very important role. The Ritualists, dressed in dramatic Arabian costumes, perform the ceremony and teach the lessons of the initiation as they act out the symbolic journey each new member takes into the Shrine. The Make-Up artists do all of the make-up work for the Ritualist actors. The Properties section takes care of the costumes and all other equipment and sets up the staging for this elaborate ceremony. The Technicians handle all of the lighting and sound work for the performance and also provide music on the calliope (played much like a piano) for parades.

The Academicians unit is an excellent choice for members who are looking for something with many different job choices, a terrific group of people with whom to work and have fun, and a minimal time commitment. The unit’s obligations are limited mainly to the two annual ceremonials. There are only four business meetings each year, and they are all done as social events at restaurants with ladies, children, other family, and friends all welcome to join the fun. There is also a summer picnic, again with ladies and all manner of guests welcome to attend. The Academicians have a very good time and are always ready and eager to welcome new members along with their ladies, families and friends.

Anyone with questions about the Academicians should contact the unit director, Steve Mosley, at 667-8839.


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