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Ron Schwizer and Doug Kimmel

On the 44th anniversary of their wedding in Colorado, Ron Schwizer and Doug Kimmel were be legally married Aug. 19, 2013, at the Union Congregational Church of Hancock, UCC, by the Rev. Dr. Daniel Geslin.

At their first wedding in 1969, the Rev. Walden D. Toevs stated: “Civil and ecclesiastical courts fail to acknowledge the integrity of your relationship to their own detriment.” The United Church of Christ (UCC) has sanctioned same-sex marriage for many years, but it was not until 2012 that it was recognized by civil authority in Maine.

Doug and Ron first moved to Hancock in 1981 and celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary at the Crocker House and their 40th anniversary at the Pierre Monteux School in a public fund-raising event in support of same-sex marriage during the 2009 campaign.

Ron retired as Assistant Head of School for Academics at John Bapst High School in 2008 after a long career in education and is currently Executive Director of the Pierre Monteux School for Conductors and Orchestra Musicians in Hancock. He was a co-founder of the Friends of Taunton Bay and the Thorsen Education Fund in Hancock.

Doug is Professor Emeritus of the City College, City University of New York, and was a founding member of the Association of Gay Psychologists in 1973 and SAGE (Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders) in 1977. He has been active in the American Psychological Association and Maine Psychological Association on a variety of social justice issues, including sexual orientation and gender identity.

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