Student cast to bring alive Aesop’s fable

EASTBROOK — A favorite Aesop’s fable will comes to life, starring 80 young actors, at 12:30 and 5:30 p.m. this Friday, Jan. 13, at the Cave Hill School. The Children’s Stage Adventure is staging the original musical adaptation of “Androcles and the Lion.”

The show features an original comic script by Rob and Lorrie Gray and original music written by Tom Martin for the play.

Throughout this week, the production’s student cast has been engaged in intensive rehearsals conducted by Children’s Stage Adventure’s actor/educators Morgan Swan and Rob Gray. The New Hampshire-based theater troupe’s residency is sponsored by Cave Hill School, CSO, and a private donation.

In “Androcles and the Lion,” a slave named Androcles runs away from his miserly masters. Soon he comes face to face with a fierce lion in the forest. He is sure he has met his end. Fortunately a selfless act of kindness frees the lion from pain and gains Androcles a faithful, lifelong friend.

In the production, the troupe’s actors play the narrator and some roles. The student cast includes Cody Kimball, Jocelyn Jordan, Samantha Higgins and Autumn Blair. Androcles is played by Heather Merchant and Harmony Wilbur. Lion: William Pileski and Samantha Carter, Emperor and Empress: Ethan LeClerc and Jordan Buteau, Misers: Jacob Pung, Alison Brown, Nathan Kimball, Hannah Knight and Allie Neleski.

The production’s assistant director is Jachin Robertson.

Pirates: Morgan Blair, Bryce Hart, Abby Johnson, Taylor Carney, Amy DesJardin, Makenna McDevitt, Rachel Schaefer and Anthony Kimball; Mother and Father: Emily DesJardin and Dan Carter; Greek Slaves: Malcolm Douglas, Abby Burton, Haily Sawyer, Leah Salsbury, Caden Robertson, Jasmine Berry, Will Hisler and Shaelyn Russell

The Guards are Lucas Fenton, Chase Strout, Alexis Higgins, Maddy Kelley, Danielle Crockett, Kendal Strout, Dylan Pung and Liz Pileski.

Mice: Josiah Lisee, Trinity Powers, Nolan LeClerc, Aniyah Douglas, Mia Jordan, Abby Doyle, Olivia Jordan, Cassidee Cirard and Brooke King, Lexus Wright.

Chorus: Gabe Grant, Alexander Rogers, Colby Hardison, Kylah Graham, Hunter Knight, Jacob McDevitt, Ella Klein, Kynlee Philbrick, Alayna Blair, Evan Merchant, Peyton Strout, Olivia Doyle, Amanda Burton, Addison Cirard, Patrick Kerrigan, Peyton Ellis, Mac Jordan, Kameron Leathers, Gabe Russell, Cole Gardner, Matt Foster, Ian Foster, Edith Wight, Hannah West, Samantha Boddy and Jon West.

Admission is by donation. For more information, call Brenda Jordan at 565-3638.