• Chef treasures freedom to create lavish soups, sandwiches

    Chef treasures freedom to create lavish soups, sandwiches

    ELLSWORTH — It wasn’t long ago that empty storefronts dotted Main Street and downtown dining options — especially lunchtime ones — were limited. There were no nachos to nosh, no Mullagatawny to slurp, no Caprese wrap to tuck into. Enter Noele Spurling, sandwich maker, soup concocter and salad guru at John Edwards Market. When she

  • Free midday concert at Moore Center

    ELLSWORTH — Deirdre McArdle, flute and Deiran Manning, piano will play a midday concert at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, March 26, at the Moore Community Center in Ellsworth. This concert is being sponsored by the Ellsworth Community Music Institute with help from the city of Ellsworth. The mother-son duo will perform works by Bach, Bonis

  • Fun with food: Three upcoming events

    Fun with food: Three upcoming events

    Smelt in your mouth In coastal Maine, the sound of peepers signals the start of the smelt spawning run in freshwater tidal rivers and streams. Often spurred by full-moon tides, the fish travel at night and lay their eggs at the foot of falls or rapids. Wearing headlamps or carrying lanterns, dip netters wait at

  • Quartet aims to make music integral to community life

    BLUE HILL — The Ying String Quartet, an innovative ensemble that became known for making chamber music an integral part of life in an Iowa farming town back in the 1990s, will perform American-Chinese composers’ works as well as Debussey and Tchaikovsky starting at 3 p.m. on Sunday, March 24, at the First Congregational Church

  • Demystifying the delicate soufflé

    Demystifying the delicate soufflé

    The elegant, puffed and golden soufflé is considered the prima donna of the culinary world. Golden egg yolks enrich a delicious savory or sweet base sauce. In a hot oven, stiffly beaten whites gently expand the base to create a towering, light and airy mixture that melts seductively on your tongue. The time to enjoy

  • Screening of Ashley Bryan documentary is March 21

    Screening of Ashley Bryan documentary is March 21

    BLUE HILL — “I Know a Man … Ashley Bryan,” the award-winning documentary about artist/author and storyteller Ashley Bryan who makes his home in the Cranberry Isles, will be shown at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 21, at the Blue Hill Public Library. Sedgwick filmmaker Richard Kane, who produced the film with Brooksville artist Robert

  • On the Road Review: BMW X4 xDrive30i

    On the Road Review: BMW X4 xDrive30i

    Bavarian Motor Works was created in Germany in 1916, but didn’t officially start selling cars in America until 1975. The first model, a two-door “sedan” called the 2002, went on to become the legendary 3-series compact lineup that remains the benchmark sport luxury sedan in the world. Today, BMW is the second best-selling premium brand

  • Falling for a Daddy’s Girl?

    Falling for a Daddy’s Girl?

    Dear Carolyn: My girlfriend, “Margo,” and I have been dating for four months now. She’s wonderful and we have a great time together, but I’m a little concerned that I may be falling for a bona fide “Daddy’s Girl.” Margo lives with and works at the same company as her father. He even drives her

  • Music critic to share passion for Judy Garland

    Music critic to share passion for Judy Garland

    ELLSWORTH — Eighty years ago, a young Judy Garland donned ruby slippers and mesmerized generations of movie-goers as a lost young farm girl named Dorothy singing her way through “The Wizard of Oz.” But, that film was just a tiny piece of Garland’s career. The Minnesota native started performing vaudeville in 1924 at age 2.