• Aromatherapist simplifies essential oils in new book

    Aromatherapist simplifies essential oils in new book

    ORLAND — The world of essential oils is vast and it’s easy to get lost among all the tiny bottles. Luckily, Orland certified aromatherapist and licensed holistic aesthetician Stephanie Tourles has written a new book, “Stephanie Tourles’s Essential Oils: A Beginner’s Guide” (Storey Publishing, 2018) Storey approached Tourles about writing the book. “We needed to

  • Meet the neighbor

    Meet the neighbor

    In the Right Place   Editor’s Note: Brooklin author/photographer Richard J. Leighton creates the popular “In the Right Place” posts online about life and nature in Maine. He shares a post the second Thursday of each month in The Ellsworth American. The former Washington, D.C., trial lawyer and his architect wife, Barbara, summered in Brooklin for

  • Meet Ironbound’s mixologist of drinks and people

    Meet Ironbound’s mixologist of drinks and people

    HANCOCK — Ironbound Restaurant & Inn bartender Wanda Pinkham has a following. Customers reserve seats at the bar Pinkham presides over every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at the Route 1 restaurant. “We have a lot of locals that come to the bar,” said Pinkham, who is in her third season tending bar there. If

  • Music festival to stage “The Magic Flute”

    Music festival to stage “The Magic Flute”

    WINTER HARBOR — The Winter Harbor Music Festival, now in its 10th year, will for the first time feature a full opera — Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” — as part of its summer program Aug. 12-19. The opera opens at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 18, at Hammond Hall. For years, the Winter Harbor Festival’s Executive

  • Mocked by boyfriend’s brother

    Mocked by boyfriend’s brother

    Dear Carolyn: I just spent the weekend in the company of my boyfriend’s brother, who mimicked/mocked me, belittled almost all my actions, and made fun of my chronic health condition. My boyfriend says this is just “George’s sense of humor,” and that I should ignore it and not be so sensitive. I experienced this as

  • The pleasures of pickles

    The pleasures of pickles

    With this latest spell of hot and steamy weather, my cucumber patch is exploding. Hundreds of bright yellow blossoms decorate the prickly, green vines. All sorts of pollinators buzz from early dawn until dusk, spreading the wealth that one day will become pickles. My husband likes to scour the cucumber plants early in the morning,