At a recent dress rehearsal, Cindy Robbins looked entirely in character as the vicious Martha; Leanne Nickon played the stiff, but angry Honey, Jeff Brink was cast as the middle-aged professor George while Bryan Lescord had the role of Nick in New Surry Theatre’s production of Edward Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf,” which has been cancelled due to illness. PHOTO BY NAN LINCOLN

New Surry Theatre production cancelled

BLUE HILL — New Surry Theatre has cancelled its upcoming production of Edward Albee’s award-winning play, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” due to an actor’s sudden illness. The play was scheduled to open this Friday, April 29, and run through May 14.

Theater spokesperson Johannah Blackman said the actor’s role — there are only four actors in the play — would have been too difficult to learn in a week.

“New Surry Theatre is committed to offering audiences only the best quality of productions,” she said Tuesday. “Filling an actor into this role in a three-act play at the last minute would not be fair to our audiences and the quality they have come to expect.”

Theater director Bill Raiten said this was his company’s first cancellation of a production in its 44-year history.

“We are all devastated to cancel such an exciting production into which so many talented individuals have poured hours of work,” Blackman said in a release. “However, as is the case in the theater industry (and in life!), we have to be flexible and do what is best given the situation.”

She and Raiten apologized to patrons and encouraged them to see their next production “Doubt, a Parable,” when it opens in June.

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