Lynne Strasenburgh and David Gulya, grand master of Blue Hill Odd Fellow Lodge #79, serve up a Blue Hill Fair tradition – shortcake. ELLSWORTH AMERICAN PHOTO BY ANNE BERLEANT

The food takes center stage at Blue Hill Fair

BLUE HILL — What’s not to like about food at the fair? People come from near and far to sample the best of the Blue Hill Fair —and for many, food is at the top of the list. Some head straight for the bacon-wrapped hot dogs, others for deep fried Oreos — because where else can you find such things but the fair? Others are all in for fried dough, grilled sausage, ice cream, cotton candy and popcorn.

The fair this year had a new amusement operator for rides and games, Cushing Amusements instead of Smokey’s Greater Shows. In addition to new attractions, the fair also had new food vendors, such as Buffalo Chicken Fries, the Portland Food Truck and the local Gott Lunch? truck.

“I discovered these guys at Strong Brewing in Sedgwick,” said Catherine Eaton of Brooksville. “The food was fantastic, and I’ve been trying to find it ever since.”

And then there are the french fries, and the vendors luring fairgoers in with their hand-cut Maine potatoes, their toppings of gravy and cheese sauce or just their additional offerings, as Danielle Brady of Brewer found.

“I got mine at the chicken fingers place because they had corn dogs,” she said, adding, “I really wanted a corn dog.”

Charlie Dalton of Lamoine was fine with standing in a long line at King and Queen’s French Fries with Marleigh Richardson.

“I’ve been going here with my family before I was even in school,” he said. “My dad always took me to King and Queen’s.”

Sara Leighton of Penobscot was also in line at King and Queen’s, chatting with Heidi Gillen of Sedgwick while praising the French waffles at the Billings Booth.

“As soon as I come in, I get in line at King and Queen’s,” Gillen said. “It’s been two years!”

While there may have been a line there, people also waited for Stan’s French Fries, and Steve’s French Fries, too, all clustered together with King and Queen’s in the middle of the fairgrounds.

For sweet treats, there was no shortage of vendors but the Billings Booth, at the fair since 1945, was perhaps the only place to find French waffles. On Sunday, Sept. 5, Diane Brann was handing out smiles along with ice cream to Sierra and Danica Trundy.

“My dad and grandfather are the 1945s,” she laughed, referencing the booth’s origins. “James Billings Sr. and Jimmy Jr.”

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