• Valentine wine

    Valentine wine

    Ogden Nash’s mini-poem, “Reflections on Ice-breaking,” posits as follows:   Candy is dandy But liquor is quicker.   Clever, yes, but why must it be a competition? Why not have candy and liquor — especially if the liquor is a red wine and the candy is dark chocolate? Never were two basic food groups so

  • Volunteers prepare free comfort food for cancer patients

    Volunteers prepare free comfort food for cancer patients

    ELLSWORTH — Cooking often is the last thing cancer patients have time, energy and appetite for. But some local residents undergoing cancer treatment are taking comfort and pleasure in appetizing meals prepared for them. Several years ago, Southwest Harbor resident Mary Ann Perlman started Home Cooked Healing, a nonprofit group that works with the Beth

  • Auld Lang what?

    Last Thursday, Jan. 25, was Robert Burns Day. The Scottish poet’s birthday is an occasion for drinking, bagpipes, poetry and haggis. We indulged in all said diversions with the exception of the haggis and the bagpipes. Also, the poetry. Haggis is a delightful Scottish dish in which taste-tempting sheep’s offal is mixed with yummy suet

  • Beer-brewing friars to open taproom

    Beer-brewing friars to open taproom

    BUCKSPORT — A new restaurant called Friars’ Brewhouse Tap Room is coming to Main Street, and it will serve meals that some Mainers may have never seen before. “The only restaurant that I’ve seen it in has either been in Europe or Canada,” said one of the tap room’s founders, Brother Donald Paul. Brother Donald

  • Carrot soup comes from French town of Crécy

    Carrot soup comes from French town of Crécy

    Is there anything nicer on a frigid winter day than a pot of homemade soup simmering on the stove? And after weeks of holiday excesses, vegetable soups are a welcome return to healthier eating. When I first read the following recipe, I was disappointed, expecting a watercress soup. Cressy is actually the Anglicized name for

  • Crimes of passion

    Crimes of passion

    Martin Cruz Smith, in his breakout novel “Gorky Park,” profiles a beverage called chifir. His protagonist is chugging it to stay awake. “Chifir was tea concentrated not twice or 10 times but 20 times,” Smith wrote. A man without food, Smith continued, “could work three days straight on a few cups of chifir.” Chifir came

  • Tempranillo and “the river of human history”

    Tempranillo and “the river of human history”

    Like music, snowflakes or presidential tweets, wines are miracles of variety. Every country has its wines, every state in the union has its unique terroir out of which grow dinner wines, picnic wines, dessert wines, dry, sweet, austere, bold or tropical wines. Cheap burgundies and unaffordable Chassagne-Montrachets. No two alike! Clifton Fadiman, the literary critic