• Bangin’ Whoopie is coming to Ellsworth

    Bangin’ Whoopie is coming to Ellsworth

    ELLSWORTH — Come May, Ellsworth residents and passers-through will have more options when it comes to snacking on Maine’s official state treat. Bangin’ Whoopie, a Bangor-based bakery selling more than 100 flavors of whoopie pies, is coming to the Maine Grind building, said the store’s owner, James Gallagher. The company will set up shop in

  • Soothing pothole pain

    Soothing pothole pain

    SURRY — No one wants a car repair, especially one caused by Maine’s mud season special: potholes and frost heaves. However, Pugnuts Ice Cream Shop is offering a free scoop of its Frost Heave ice cream to make it all better. Just bring in a receipt for vehicular work resulting from pothole-related damage until the

  • Fun with food: Four upcoming events

    Fun with food: Four upcoming events

    All about eggs In many cultures around the world, eggs represent new life, rebirth. For Christians, the Easter egg symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In that spirit, Bar Harbor personal chef and caterer Cas Dowden will show how to prepare frittatas, a type of flat, delicate omelette, deviled eggs and share her knowledge about

  • New England boiled dinner harkens back to hearthside cooking

    New England boiled dinner harkens back to hearthside cooking

    “The September evening set in brisk and chill, and the cheerful fire that snapped and roared up the ample chimney of Captain Kittridge’s kitchen was a pleasing feature. “The days of our story were before the advent of those sullen gnomes, the ‘air-tights,’ or even those more sociable and cheery domestic genii, the cooking-stoves. They

  • Chef treasures freedom to create lavish soups, sandwiches

    Chef treasures freedom to create lavish soups, sandwiches

    ELLSWORTH — It wasn’t long ago that empty storefronts dotted Main Street and downtown dining options — especially lunchtime ones — were limited. There were no nachos to nosh, no Mullagatawny to slurp, no Caprese wrap to tuck into. Enter Noele Spurling, sandwich maker, soup concocter and salad guru at John Edwards Market. When she

  • Fun with food: Three upcoming events

    Fun with food: Three upcoming events

    Smelt in your mouth In coastal Maine, the sound of peepers signals the start of the smelt spawning run in freshwater tidal rivers and streams. Often spurred by full-moon tides, the fish travel at night and lay their eggs at the foot of falls or rapids. Wearing headlamps or carrying lanterns, dip netters wait at

  • Demystifying the delicate soufflé

    Demystifying the delicate soufflé

    The elegant, puffed and golden soufflé is considered the prima donna of the culinary world. Golden egg yolks enrich a delicious savory or sweet base sauce. In a hot oven, stiffly beaten whites gently expand the base to create a towering, light and airy mixture that melts seductively on your tongue. The time to enjoy

  • Fresh maple syrup adds distinct note to custard

    Four years before Thoreau published “Walden,” Susan Fenimore Cooper (1813-1894) published her journal of observations and musings on the natural world around Cooperstown, N.Y. The daughter of James Fenimore Cooper, she was an acute observer, noting, for example, which flowers ruby-throated hummingbirds preferred and considering whether flower structure or fragrance were more important in attracting

  • Aragosta Restaurant moving to Deer Isle

    STONINGTON — Chef Devin Finigan and her husband, Luke Hartmann, have purchased the Goose Cove Lodge in Deer Isle. Finigan opened her first restaurant, Aragosta, on Main Street in downtown Stonington in 2012. The fine dining establishment will move to the lodge. “Aragosta at Goose Cove will offer exquisite dining overlooking the Atlantic Ocean,” Finigan

  • Fun with food: Four upcoming events

    Fun with food: Four upcoming events

    Plant-based 101 Holden holistic wellness educator Alicia Randolph-Lucchesi will offer a three-part class called “Nutrition with Plant-based Cooking” from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 30, Saturday, April 13, and Wednesday, April 17, at the Sullivan Learning Center on Route 1 in East Sullivan. Offered through RSU 24 Adult Education, Randolph-Lucchesi will explain