• A taste of home

    A taste of home

    Every year in January we have an artistic project here on Deer Isle known as Fun-A-Day. The premise is simple: participants pick a project like take a photograph, paint a series of pictures, create a quilt, or bake a cake and work on it every day. Then in February, we share our work with the

  • It’s totally kosher!

    It’s totally kosher!

    At age 31, with energy to burn and publication of a third cookbook under her apron, Miriam Pascal wants to make it easier for you to feed your family. Mesorah Publications has just released Pascal’s “More Real Life Kosher Cooking: Delicious Recipes that Create a Lifetime of Culinary Memories,” as a follow- up to the

  • Rhubarb rules in late winter, spring

    Rhubarb rules in late winter, spring

    I’ve never understood strawberry rhubarb pie. It’s considered a classic recipe, but most true classics follow the old gardening calendar, using fruits and vegetables in season. They go back before the days of freezers and diesel trucks. Strawberries and rhubarb taste fine together but in the garden, they are not precisely bedfellows. Rhubarb’s main claim

  • Doughlicious!


    HANCOCK — Nothing spells love and appreciation like a home-cooked gift from your kitchen. Especially if that gift entails doughnuts. Jeri Bowers knows this well. During the Christmas season, Bowers rises early to make homemade doughnuts for the staff at the MDI Biological Laboratory in the Bar Harbor village of Salisbury Cove where she works

  • Shuck and awe

    Shuck and awe

    In coastal New England, shell heaps show where native people found estuaries rich in oysters. The bivalve mollusks were popular with the early colonists as well. Thanks to expansion of the railroads in the 1840s, pickled oysters could easily be shipped inland and by mid-century had become a widespread food fad. New Englanders ate oysters

  • Remembrance of recipes past

    Remembrance of recipes past

    GOULDSBORO — Growing up, Anne Hopper couldn’t count on her mother for a recipe for coot strew. The white-billed water fowl got a bad rap because of the noise it makes and alleged terrible taste. “She wouldn’t make it,” said Hopper whose late mother was Catherine Jacobs Boyd. “She wouldn’t allow it to be cooked

  • Nibbles: Holiday cookies, roasted vegetables and a look inside American’s Test Kitchen

    Nibbles: Holiday cookies, roasted vegetables and a look inside American’s Test Kitchen

    Sweet stroll Dozens of parishioners have been baking full bore for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ellsworth’s sixth holiday cookie walk on Saturday, Dec. 14, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at 121 Bucksport Road in Ellsworth. Cookies of all stripes, celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or the winter solstice, will be on offer. Gluten-free sweets will be

  • Primed and ready

    Primed and ready

    ELLSWORTH — For years, Ryan Bates purchased food from a local farm. When that farm shut down, it left him with an important question. “I wanted to know where my food came from,” he said. To answer that question, he got directly involved, starting Acadia Provisions in December of 2017. The store carries a wide