A slice of Momo's blueberry cheesecake. PHOTO BY KATHRYN CAWDREY

Momo’s ‘garage sale’ is not to be missed

ELLSWORTH — Heading out East Main Street, you won’t want to miss the “garage sale” going on opposite the Woodbine Cemetery.

From 6 a.m. until dark, motorists have a choice of plain, blueberry, cherry raspberry, Heath Bar Reese’s Pieces cheesecakes — to name just a few — inside the two-bay garage door adorned by twinkle lights. A colorful sign reads “Momo’s Cheesecakes, By The Slice.” Passers-by can stop in, sign the visitors book, leave $5 in the red, tin box and take their favorite flavor from the fridge.

Purchases are on the honor system at Momo’s Cheesecakes. Slices are $5 and buyers leave cash in the red box.

Even when the garage door is down, Momo’s is still open. Passers-by can enter through the side door at any hour for a cheesecake fix.

So who is Momo?  The cheesecake maker is Brenda Ledezma famous for the cheesecakes she makes for China Hill Restaurant & Lounge. Brenda has bartended there for 19 years. That’s where she got her nickname that stands for “Motor Mouth.”

“People love the honor system,” Brenda says of her roadside stand. “No one has ever questioned the money; no one has ever ripped me off. Everyone has been really nice.”

Last fall, she obtained the proper licenses and built a commercial kitchen in her own home. She supplies cheesecakes to six restaurants and will make 8 to 12 cheesecakes in a day.

“People have been calling me like crazy,” she said. “It’s just been going, going, going.”

Her husband, Andres, is a “great supporter” and fetches supplies, makes deliveries and even sells slices at nearby RV parks. His stops include Bar Harbor’s KOA Kampground and Narrows Too Campground in Trenton, where the slices “sell like hotcakes.”


Momo’s Cheesecakes is located at 471 Main St. in Ellsworth. To place orders, call 598-8772 and go to Facebook.