Kitchens Book Features Maine Kitchens

In Maine and the nation, the kitchen is where people congregate most and spend a lot of time. That’s why co-authors Nancy Carlisle and Melinda Talbot Nasardinov devoted an entire book to the subject.

“America’s Kitchens” (Historic New England, Boston, distributed by Tilbury House Publishers, Gardiner, ME; 2008, 197 pages) traces American history and lore about the heart of the American home from 1720 to present.

The sleek, lavishly illustrated book covers well-documented kitchens from many periods and features an endless array of items used for food service or preparation. There’s a vignette from famed author E.B. White about the small white electric range and big black, wood-burning stove in his Brooklin home. The late Julia Child, creator of “The French Chef” and a Bernard summer resident, gets her due.


Nicole Ouellette

Nicole Ouellette

When Nicole isn't giving advice she's completely unqualified to give, she runs an Internet marketing company in Bar Harbor, where she lives with her husband Derrick and their short dog Gidget. She loves young adult novels, cooking and talking French to anyone who'll talk back. [email protected]