As part of her bread-baking tutorial, Brooklin Candy Co. owner Blossom Kravitz learned how to make bagels with guidance from Brooklin Bread Co. founder Bruce Fowler. Hers are water-boiled and baked. PHOTO BY JENNIFER OSBORN

Kettle-boiled bagels spark a following

BROOKLIN — Have your parents ever smuggled in bagels from the city for you in their carry-on luggage?

Those smuggling days are over.

Blossom Kravitz, the proprietor of Brooklin Candy Co. at 103 Bay Road, has begun making New York-style bagels. They are chewy, light and flavorful with just a bit of crunch.

Baker Blossom Kravitz puts batches of sesame, poppy seed, sea salt and Cheddar cheese bagels in the oven. The bagels are briefly boiled before being brushed with an egg glaze and toppings applied.

Kravitz rises at 5 a.m. on Sundays to make freshly boiled and baked poppy seed, sesame seed and sea salt bagels. She also offers plain and Cheddar cheese.

“I’ve just always been interested in making bread,” the candy maker said. “I’d been thinking about making bread for a while.”

So, Kravitz spent a few days baking with Bruce Fowler who years ago owned and operated the Brooklin Bread Co.

“We’d been making French bread, focaccia — things like that — and I thought you know, ‘I really want some bagels.’”

So, Kravitz tinkered with a recipe, made a batch and he [Fowler] said “OK, just make these,” she said.

“I think I like it when they’re water boiled the best,” the baker said. “When they’re just baked, they’re not the same.”

“Mine are pretty traditional New York,” she said. “I knead the dough by hand. I tried using a bread hook and they weren’t as good so I make them small batch. I make 32 on Sundays. I generally sell 32 on Sundays.”

The process takes about four hours. Kravitz uses King Arthur bread flour, local sea salt and organic sugar. She mixes yeast, water and sugar together, adds flour, kneads and lets it rise. Eventually she will form the dough into bagels, let those rise and then boil for two minutes per side.

After the boil, Kravitz brushes on an egg glaze, toppings and puts the bagels in the oven.

Sea salt bagels are turning out to be a favorite flavor.

“People will have one and say, ‘I didn’t expect to love it so much,’” she said.

A Sedgwick family has turned into regular bagel customers.

“We love them,” said Kristin Day, who showed up on Sunday with daughter Josie Czuj to take home a dozen. “They’re so fresh. I also like the chocolates.”

The bagels are available fresh from 10 a.m. to noon on Sundays. The bagels also are sold pre-sliced and frozen on Thursdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to noon.

Sesame seed is among the choices of bagel toppings.

The bagels cost $2.50 each, plain cream cheese is $1 extra. Kravitz also makes a lox spread with Ducktrap smoked salmon, dill, capers and red onion. Bagels with lox spread are $5 each.

There are also muffins and a freshly made pot of soup on Sundays. Last Sunday’s soup was potato leek. If you’re on a sodium-restricted diet, rest assured that Kravitz doesn’t add salt to her soup recipes, so each customer can adjust the seasoning accordingly to his or her preference or physician’s orders.

The New York native’s baking inspiration comes from her late grandmother, Rose Kravitz with whom she would bake cookies, mandel bread (Mandelbrot), pineapple upside down bread and potato latkes.

Kravitz described her grandmother as a tiny, but powerful woman who insisted on making cookie press cookies with dough studded with chocolate chips that she had chopped up a bit.

However, “my mom was who really taught me to cook,” she said. Kravitz’s mother is Brooklin artist Deborah Lothrop.

Kravitz is still making candy, including turtles, chocolate bark and sea glass.

The confectioner has coffee beans and tea for sale from Bucklyn Coffee, 44 North and Green Tea Coffee and Tea and Chai Wallah. Customers can get brewed cups of hot or iced coffee (Kravitz uses frozen coffee cubes instead of ice cubes).

Do you need to pick up a little something extra for a gift? Kravitz has begun making small organic French lavender pillows in Liberty of London prints. The pillows are about 4.5 inches.

For more information, call 479-5060 and visit

Dinner destination

Brooklin Candy Co. owner Blossom Kravitz and Brooklin caterer Sandy Buxton, formerly of Sandy’s Provisions, are launching a monthly dinner series at the candy company at 103 Bay Road in Brooklin.

The first dinner, Wednesday, Jan. 31, will feature appetizers and a main dish of beef stroganoff with chocolate for dessert. Complimentary wine will be available or you can bring your own bottle. Reservations required. Call or text Kravitz at 479-5060.

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