Cheers: Sancerrely Yours

The measure of a friend is how much he spends on your birthday present.


Having just experienced a large and significant birthday, we are pleased to report that we have several good and worthy friends.

Truest was he who came to the party equipped with an elegant Sancerre from Henri Bourgeois called “Les Bonnes Bouches.” Literally, the name translates “The Pretty Mouths,” but it really means something like a “good mouthful” or “a tasty morsel.”

Tasty hardly states the case. Les Bonnes Bouches is as light and flavorful a red as you could hope for: charming and round with a suggestion of cherries. Truly delicious wines, such as this $30 treat for the gods (John Edwards) remind you that life is worth living.

You probably already knew that Sancerre is not a grape but a region south of Paris in the Loire Valley. The red Sancerre we enjoyed last Saturday is actually a Pinot Noir, the grapes grown in the chalky-clay soil of that noble region. It goes well with white or red meat. It might even go well with birthday cake, but it was long gone by the time we blew out the candles.

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