Cheers: Á Ta Santé

Though the assistant principal tends to look askance at juniors who bring wine to school, a student of French II could reasonably claim this week’s subject was an extra-credit assignment.


Never have we beheld so much French in so small a space. Here’s the front label: “Récolte 2008. La Vieille Ferme. Mis en bouteille par la Vieille Ferme. Côtes du Luberon. Appellation Côtes du Luberon Contrôlee. Mis en bouteille par la Vieille Ferme, négociant éleveur, 84100 Orange, France. Produit de France.”

Being the product of a continental education, we immediately recognized the word “Orange.” The rest, we must acknowledge, was Greek to us.

Having failed the French test we undertook the taste test. Here we fared much better. La Vieille Ferme, $7.99 at Friends & Family Market in Ellsworth Falls, is a find. Lightly fruited, citrusy and smoother than Maurice Chevalier, it comes from the Rhône Valley and is a blend typical of the region. Grenache Blanc, Bourboulenc, Roussanne and Ugni Blanc grapes come together here in a light, merry wine that is both suave and perky. Fred Astaire and Mickey Rooney in a single glass.

BTW: à ta santé means “cheers.” We looked it up.


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