A Brooklin woman has launched a new business called Planet Naskeag, which produces pickled wild Maine blueberries. PHOTO COURTESY OF PLANET NASKEAG

Brooklin woman starts pickled blueberry business

BROOKLIN — Pickled blueberries from a new company called Planet Naskeag will soon appear in stores on the Blue Hill Peninsula and beyond.

The berries provide rich antioxidant health benefits along with scintillating flavors that are a savory complement for roasts, salads, sandwiches and more.

Made with organic berries grown on small, local farms, Planet Naskeag Wild Pickled Blueberries represent a delicious makeover of Maine’s classic product. It’s a new twist that’s nevertheless made the old-fashioned way, in small batches using traditional canning techniques.

“Because the batches are so small, I can take great care,” said Silvia Mathewson, Planet Naskeag’s founder. “That means everything to me.”

Mathewson started Planet Naskeag in 2019 to create healthy and environmentally friendly foods. She decided to start with blueberries because of their extraordinary health benefits.

For more information, visit planetnaskeag.com.

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