• Raise a glass to “Ruby Juice”

    Raise a glass to “Ruby Juice”

      Our slow, cool spring produced a bumper crop of rhubarb for many folks. Although usually eaten as a “fruit,” rhubarb is a vegetable, botanically speaking. An invaluable homestead plant in Maine, this tart- tasting member of the buckwheat family can reach up to 2 feet tall. I’m a collector of rhubarb recipes, and we’ve

  • Herbalist offers teas to sooth the soul

    DEER ISLE — What the world needs now is love, sweet love, to quote Burt Bacharach. Love and a cup of hibiscus or linden flower infusion or perhaps a cooling glass of cucumber and lemon balm water. The drinks are the suggestions of Deer Isle herbalist Brighid Doherty, who founded the Solidago School of Herbalism

  • Gretchen Jost’s cookies sweet sensation

    Gretchen Jost’s cookies sweet sensation

      Who doesn’t love a fresh chocolate chip cookie hot from the oven? America’s favorite hand-held confection is credited to Ruth Graves Wakefield, owner of the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Mass. In 1938, Ruth made cookies with chunks of a Hershey candy bar, featuring them in her restaurant as the “Toll House Cookie.” The

  • Cancer patients fight back with food

    Cancer patients fight back with food

    ELLSWORTH — If there’s a silver lining to undergoing chemo or radiation treatment it might be this: milkshakes are encouraged. “We try to get as much calories and protein per swallow, basically, as we can get into people,” said Donna Walsh, an oncology nutrition specialist who works at the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care

  • Say cheesecake, lobster that is

    Say cheesecake, lobster that is

    The long stretch of keeping to home has given me the opportunity to catch up on some necessary spring-cleaning projects. Clothes have been sorted, books dusted and windows washed. One fruitful endeavor was tackling the kitchen refrigerator and freezer. I practice the frugal, homestead cooking technique of saving containers of food scraps in the freezer.

  • Cooking from the heart

    Cooking from the heart

    Editor’s Note: Michael Anderson and his wife, Fayelle, started Bar Harbor’s original Miguel’s Restaurant in 1983 and ran it for 12 years. He also has headed food service for College of Atlantic and The Jackson Laboratory. At present, he and Fayelle operate August Moon Catering. By Michael Anderson Special to The Ellsworth American Cooking, if

  • Ellsworth to go

    Ellsworth to go

    Their doors may be closed, but many of the city’s restaurants have switched to to-go service only to try support their customers and try and survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are those we know of. Craving a deluxe burger, made with Black Angus beef, slathered with porcini aioli, and served with tallow fries (tallow is

  • Syrup-laced muffins on tap

    Syrup-laced muffins on tap

    I keep a close eye on my pantry inventory these days; sorting root-cellared apples for sauce, peeling and freezing garlic and roasting the butternut squash with soft spots. The urge for this annual routine of spring sorting and cleaning reminds me of squirrels, checking their food supplies, cleaning out their nest and getting ready for