• Grape expectations

    Grape expectations

    Our niece, Ivy, prefers Log Cabin syrup to the real thing. Having grown up in California, where maple syrup must be imported, she finds the real stuff too intense. Her loss, yes, but … there you are. Our own sainted mother, a dedicated drinker of black coffee, dawn till the 11 o’clock news, actually believed

  • Nibbles: Men who cook, French toast and cooking on a budget

    Nibbles: Men who cook, French toast and cooking on a budget

    Men who cook Male cooks of all ages are sought to enter a soup/chowder, salad, appetizer, main dish or dessert in the 14th annual “Men Who Cook” dinner at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, March 10, at Deer Isle-Stonington High School in Deer Isle. 
Guests will have a diverse smorgasbord to sample at the event, which is

  • Raise a forkful of sponge cake

    Raise a forkful of sponge cake

    George Washington would have been surprised to know that his name became associated with cherry pie. We have Parson Weems to thank for the cherry tree-chopping fable. Weems’ much-mythologized biography was published in 1800, just a year after Washington’s death. The dessert, which was associated with George Washington in the 19th century, called Washington pie,

  • 86 This! restaurant launches supper club

    86 This! restaurant launches supper club

    ELLSWORTH — Seven years after opening its first location in downtown Ellsworth 86 This! is mixing it up. Starting on Sunday, Feb. 25, the casual restaurant will begin offering a more formal option — a prix-fixe, four-course supper club. Called Supper Sessions, the club will be held every five to six weeks. Diners will be

  • Bologna’s pride: Bolognese sauce

    Bologna’s pride: Bolognese sauce

    Every cuisine has its signature sauce, and the staple of northern Italy’s Bologna is a thick, full-bodied meat sauce. Ragu, as the Bolognese call their celebrated sauce, is characterized by a mellow, gentle, comfortable flavor that marries gastronomically well with a broad noodle slightly wider than fettuccine known as tagliatelle. In her book “Essentials of

  • Valentine wine

    Valentine wine

    Ogden Nash’s mini-poem, “Reflections on Ice-breaking,” posits as follows:   Candy is dandy But liquor is quicker.   Clever, yes, but why must it be a competition? Why not have candy and liquor — especially if the liquor is a red wine and the candy is dark chocolate? Never were two basic food groups so

  • Volunteers prepare free comfort food for cancer patients

    Volunteers prepare free comfort food for cancer patients

    ELLSWORTH — Cooking often is the last thing cancer patients have time, energy and appetite for. But some local residents undergoing cancer treatment are taking comfort and pleasure in appetizing meals prepared for them. Several years ago, Southwest Harbor resident Mary Ann Perlman started Home Cooked Healing, a nonprofit group that works with the Beth

  • Beer-brewing friars to open taproom

    Beer-brewing friars to open taproom

    BUCKSPORT — A new restaurant called Friars’ Brewhouse Tap Room is coming to Main Street, and it will serve meals that some Mainers may have never seen before. “The only restaurant that I’ve seen it in has either been in Europe or Canada,” said one of the tap room’s founders, Brother Donald Paul. Brother Donald