• Ellsworth to go

    Ellsworth to go

    Their doors may be closed, but many of the city’s restaurants have switched to to-go service only to try support their customers and try and survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are those we know of. Craving a deluxe burger, made with Black Angus beef, slathered with porcini aioli, and served with tallow fries (tallow is

  • Syrup-laced muffins on tap

    Syrup-laced muffins on tap

    I keep a close eye on my pantry inventory these days; sorting root-cellared apples for sauce, peeling and freezing garlic and roasting the butternut squash with soft spots. The urge for this annual routine of spring sorting and cleaning reminds me of squirrels, checking their food supplies, cleaning out their nest and getting ready for

  • Try immune-boosting chicken noodle soup

    Try immune-boosting chicken noodle soup

    By Merry Post Special to The Ellsworth American Homemade noodles are quick and easy. They have a fresh, eggy taste that cannot be matched by dry pasta. They will elevate beef, chicken or turkey broth into a satisfying soup that looks more complicated than it is. I found a good recipe for noodles in a

  • Nibbles: Dig into an Irish supper

    Nibbles: Dig into an Irish supper

    As Irish as spaghetti Dig into homemade corned beef and cabbage and all the trimmings from 5 to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17, at the Town Hill Fire Station and Community Center at 1328 Route 102 in the Bar Harbor village of Town Hill. The St. Patrick’s Day supper costs $15 per person and

  • An enduring tradition: Classic apple cake lives on

    An enduring tradition: Classic apple cake lives on

    My recipe for farmer’s fruitcake comes from an 1889 cookbook put out by the women of the Ashland Grange No. 124 in Massachusetts. Oliver H. Kelley founded the National Grange of the Order of the Patrons of Husbandry after the Civil War in 1867. He had been sent by the Department of Agriculture to assess

  • Nibbles: Squash, soups and lessons on organic gardening

    Nibbles: Squash, soups and lessons on organic gardening

    Squash for breakfast? Butternut squash — even beet — pancakes are becoming a fun, flavorful alternative to the standard flapjack. Adding cooked vegetables makes pancakes moist and deepens their flavor. Garnishing with chopped walnuts and other toppings and drizzling with fruit sauces and syrups can make them even more appetizing. Hosted by the Women’s Health

  • Nibbles: Learn to brew

    Nibbles: Learn to brew

    Hold the meat! Stefani Berkey switched to a plant-based diet for health reasons and hasn’t looked back. She will share her experience and knowledge, showing how to prepare plant-based dishes as well as tips to cut down on the cost and maximize the use of groceries in a two-part class from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

  • Cabbage touted for cancer-fighting benefits

    Cabbage touted for cancer-fighting benefits

    The cabbage, which derives from the French word “caboche” (a colloquial term for head), was introduced to the Americas in 1541-42 by Jacques Cartier on his third voyage to Canada.  Although the vegetable became an important New England crop that sustained many homesteading families, the first writing of its cultivation wasn’t recorded until over 100