• Frozen drink on a stick can’t be beat

    Frozen drink on a stick can’t be beat

    Popsicles are a frozen treat enjoyed by all ages. Unlike ice cream, where air is incorporated into the product while churning the mix during the freezing process, frozen ice pops, or “popsicles,” are a liquid that is “quiescently” frozen or frozen while at rest.  The popsicle we enjoy today was invented in 1905 by an

  • Nourish garden soil with buckwheat

    Nourish garden soil with buckwheat

    Some years you think you will never get the garden in on time, and sure enough you don’t. It’s the weather, a trip, a family wedding, or whatever but suddenly it’s too late to plant peas, then too late for lettuce, and finally too late even for squash. Even if you accept with grace the

  • ’Tis the season of serendipity

    At the end of spring planting season, I often think of the poem by Louise Bogan called “Women,” which begins, “Women have no wilderness in them. They are provident instead.” This comes to mind because the females in my neighborhood, myself included, have spent those final weeks frantically finding homes for all our leftover seedlings.

  • Hallelujah, time for halibut

    Hallelujah, time for halibut

    Here in Maine state waters, the halibut season runs this year from May 18 until June 13. Recreational fishermen may harvest five halibut per boat per season, whereas commercial fishing vessels may land a maximum of 25 halibut per year.

  • Boyce family’s rhubarb treats live on

    Boyce family’s rhubarb treats live on

    Of all the herbaceous perennials that have accompanied my household every time I’ve moved, the rhubarb plant is the oldest. A member of the buckwheat family, the first rhubarb cultivar traveled to New England via European settlers. The plant was cultivated in Asiatic countries for many centuries before being introduced to Europe in about 1600.

  • Fried rice more than a catchall for leftovers

    Fried rice more than a catchall for leftovers

    Fried rice is a meal-in-a-bowl; typically a dish of cold cooked rice that is stir-fried with a mélange of colorful diced vegetables and often meat. A deeply satisfying bowlful, fried rice can be eaten as a snack, as street food, or as a glamorous addition to a banquet-style meal. The perfect foil for leftovers, fried rice adapts to a wide variety of tastes and textures.

  • Blue Hill Community Garden teaches, feeds

    Blue Hill Community Garden teaches, feeds

    Special to The Ellsworth American BLUE HILL — Late this winter, Blue Hill Garden Club President Peter Leonard was already thinking about the coming summer when he visited Steve Whitney’s Exploring Earth Systems classes at George Stevens Academy. Leonard spoke with students about a Blue Hill Community Garden on the school’s campus but he also

  • Saluting Susan B. Anthony

    Saluting Susan B. Anthony

    Susan B. Anthony’s cake was flavored with a little almond extract. Apparently, she served it plain, with no indication that it should be improved with frosting. Sponge cake alone has a light, airy texture, but it is rather dry.

  • Weaving more magic (and jam)

    Weaving more magic (and jam)

    Nellieville, Deer Isle artist Peter Beerits’ park, inhabited by critters, cowboys, Vikings and sword-wielding knights and other characters, became the setting for New York playwright Melody Bates’ outdoor production of “Avalon” in 2019. Bates’ original play is a take on the medieval legend of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. “Avalon” blends magic, medieval myth and modern twists in the myth’s retelling.

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