The Gilbert & Sullivan Society Of Maine will present the hilarious comic opera “HMS Pinafore and More” starting at 7:30 p.m. this Friday, Feb. 9, at The Grand in Ellsworth. GILBERT & SULLIVAN SOCIETY OF MAINE PHOTO

Set sail with Gilbert & Sullivan this weekend

ELLSWORTH — In its 42nd season, the Gilbert & Sullivan Society Of Maine will take the audience on a rollicking ride aboard HMS Pinafore starting at 7 p.m. Friday-Saturday, Feb. 9-10, at The Grand. A matinee will be held at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 11. The production continues Feb. 16-18.

Directed by Sandi Blanchette, the production “HMS Pinafore & More” features one of W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan’s most famous comic operas that takes place aboard the ship HMS Pinafore. The captain’s daughter, Josephine, is in love with a lowly class sailor, Ralph Rackstraw, although her father intends her to marry Sir Joseph Porter, the First Lord of the Admiralty.

She abides by her father’s wishes at first, but Sir Joseph’s advocacy for the equality of humankind encourages Ralph and Josephine to revolt. They declare their love for each other and eventually plan to elope. The captain discovers this plan, but, as in many of Gilbert & Sullivan operas, a surprise revelation changes things dramatically near the end of the story.

Scott Cleveland is the musical director. The cast includes Maurice Joseph Marshall as Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B., Roland Dube as Captain Corcoran, Peter Miller as Ralph Rackstraw, Irv Hodgkin as Dick Deadeye, Demelza Ramirez as Hebe, John Cunningham as Bill Bobstay, boatswain, Tom Tootill as Bob Becket, carpenter, Eileen York as Josephine, Debra Hangge as Buttercup, with the H.M.S. Pinafore crew comprised of Aidan Pasha, Casey Gaither, Dale Neuman, David Porter, Eric Flowers, Linda Firlotte Grindle, Shawnna Farley, Marshall Smith, Richard Miller, Robert Taylor and Sam Bergman. The Chorus of First Lord’s sisters, his cousins, and his aunts includes Catherine Hanle, Dorothy R.A. Wheatcraft, Dotti Schaller, Eva DeHaas, Kristin Dillin, Katheryn Miller, Sally MacDowell, Sally Taylor, Terri-Ann Anderson, Terri Stephens and Tiffany Laufer.

The show continues at 7 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 9, and at 3 p.m. Saturday-Sunday, Feb. 17-18. Tickets cost $20 per adult/seniors, $15 for students (15 and under) and $10 per youth (12 and under).

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