Northeast Harbor Home ‘Must’ Stop on Halloween

NORTHEAST HARBOR — With the gleam of a seasoned alchemist in her eye, Kathryn Suminsby of Northeast Harbor steadily stirs an amalgam of sugar, corn syrup and condensed milk as the sweet steam of culinary success rises from the pot. A professional candy thermometer sticks straight up with the indicator edging toward the magic number — 234 degrees. Too cool and the rich flavors won’t fully blend. Too hot and the delicious mixture can end up an acrid tooth-chipping lump permanently fused to the bottom of the pan.


Looking up with an air of caramel-colored confidence, Kathryn, who lives in a contemporary house on land that has been in her family for more than 200 years, explains that making candy apples isn’t all that complicated. And she ought to know. It’s a Northeast Harbor Halloween tradition she’s carried on now for 50 years in a row.


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