Groundbreaking artist to stage works at Schoodic Arts

WINTER HARBOR — American choreographer and master teacher Alison Chase, who co-founded the famed Pilobus Dance Theater, and her expressive, physically inventive troupe of dancers will rehearse their latest works at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 30, for the public at Schoodic Arts for All’s Hammond Hall.

The performance is in honor of Schoodic Arts’ 20th anniversary.

Chase, who choreographed the 2009 “Quarryography” staged in Stonington’s Settlement Quarry, and Alison Chase/Performance’s dancers explore emotional terrain through innovative movement, multidimensional storytelling, fusions of film and dance, site-specific works and museum installations.

Chase makes her home in Brooksville.

“These informal showings are very strategic to the development of new work and the preparation for performance,” she said.

The first work to be performed at Hammond Hall, “The Interview,” explores the humor, discomfort, intimacy, irony and absurdity of interview situations. Chase said the piece is a social commentary that probes the psychological and social stresses of being subjected to an interrogation and reveals how people react in these situations. Do they conform, push back or crumble under pressure.

“‘The Interview’ brings to the surface the ways that race, gender and identity play a role in the process of getting a job, renting an apartment or buying a house,” she said. The work is set to an original sound score created by New York composer, cellist and singer Emily Hope Price.

The second piece is an existing work originally commissioned by Wolf Trap and is being reconstructed with the current Alison Chase cast.

The finished works will be performed July 25-29 at Fort Knox in Prospect.

Admission to the Hammond Hall rehearsal is free. Donations are welcome. For more info, call 963-2569 and visit and

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