Jaw drop


Franklin Sealander, an eighth-grader at the Brooklin School, fashioned his piece “Loan Shark” in an art class project where students created wall trophies as sculptures.

Art teacher Sarah Doremus, who is doing the same project at Sedgwick Elementary School, says the eighth-graders’ works ranged widely from Medusa and Donald Trump to a boy’s self-portrait and a girl’s horse.

To make their trophies, the students used cardboard to shape their subjects — whether a guitar or dragon — and then stuffed them with newspaper. Next, they added a layer of plaster-impregnated fabric and further refined their sculptures before painting them.

For his “loan shark,” Franklin used a typewriter case for the fish’s jaws to explode from. The case’s handle makes the artwork portable. “He [Franklin] can walk around with it like a briefcase,” says Doremus.

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