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BAR HARBOR — Two College of the Atlantic students, Rosie Chater and Wriley Hodge, each were awarded $2,000 Sal Rooney Memorial scholarships earlier this year by the Downeast Chapter of the Maine Audubon Society. Both COA students share the distinction of being talented young naturalists and scientists as well as artists.

A sophomore, Wriley will study gulls this summer at the COA Alice Eno Field Research Station on Great Duck Island. She hails from Brooklyn, N.Y.

A freshman, Rosie will conduct research this summer at the Edward McC Blair Marine Research Station offshore on Mount Desert Rock. She rendered the portrait of a guillemot and designed a new logo for the Great Duck Island project. She comes from Montana by way of the Falkland Islands in the southwest Atlantic Ocean.

The Sal Rooney Scholarship is given annually in memory of Sal Rooney, a member and trustee of the Maine Audubon Downeast Chapter for many years. Rooney, a natural historian, botanist and birder, was the first woman to graduate from University of Maine with a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife. She was a true pioneer, dedicated to the wildlife and landscapes of Maine and lowering barriers for female scientists.


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