How does your garden grow?

McIntyre Garden Journal 22ELLSWORTH — From retirees to 10-year-old Alida Hodgkins of Marlboro, gardeners and citizens of all ages took time to “smell the roses” during the 2015 growing season. The garden and backyard journalists recorded in words and visually their plantings, bird activity and other goings-on in during the growing season. Their diaries are now available for reading and browsing at the Ellsworth Public Library.

Early this past summer, the Ellsworth Garden Club and Ellsworth Public Library encouraged the public to keep and submit “Backyard Kingdom Garden Journals” as part of its program to boost public awareness of pollinators’ importance and the role individual backyards can play in their survival

The resulting diaries differ widely in format and content. The journals include photos, drawings, stories, observations and reflections not only about actual gardens and pollinators but also “weed-friendly” lawns, an evolving family of foxes and the mixed blessings of deer and birds.

As the growing season winds down, the Ellsworth Garden Club is now encouraging the public to keep a “Winter Backyard Kingdom Garden Journal.”

“Although summer is over, there is still activity in our yards and gardens during the winter months,” garden club member Phyllis Mobraaten noted. “And, many of us have more time to reflect on that activity during the winter.”

To participate in the “Winter Backyard Kingdom Garden Journal” project, with a submission deadline of May 31, 2016, contact Phyllis Mobraaten at [email protected] or call 664-6141.


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