• Winter warmers

    Winter warmers

    The frost is nearly on the pumpkin, so we must be ready to bundle up. We have such a long list this year, we thought we better hit resale shops first. The long underwear in our lingerie drawer is full of holes. We discovered last winter that to effectively block out icy wind, long underwear

  • Buttermilk gets its due

    Buttermilk gets its due

    Who doesn’t love a muffin? Fragrant and steaming from the oven, a freshly baked muffin elevates eggs at breakfast to a literal feast. Muffins are a delicious match for the morning coffee break, and a quick and easy snack. I really enjoy experimenting with different muffin recipes, trying various combinations of fruit, nuts and spices.

  • Red Whine

    Red Whine

    Refrigerators, knees and automobile electrical systems have one thing in common: once they start to go south they cannot be fixed. Ever. Our fridge started freezing the lettuce last year. We called the repair guy and he adjusted something with the result that we had frozen yogurt to go with our frozen lettuce. More visits

  • Dear Nicole: Let’s just be friends

    Dear Nicole: Let’s just be friends

    Dear Nicole, I recently started seeing someone. On the fourth date he said he “just wanted to be friends.” I appreciate his honesty, and love hanging out with him platonically, but ever since this conversation, he has been pushy about getting physical. I’m not interested in getting physical with someone who just wants to be

  • In dipstick we trust

    In dipstick we trust

    Dear Tom and Ray: I have a 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis. Recently, the oil-level light came on, so I checked the level on the dipstick. It was in the safe zone. So, which do I trust, the dipstick level or the idiot light? Thanks. — Scott TOM: In dipstick we trust, Scott. RAY: The dipstick

  • Inspiration


    You’ve been there: It’s Thursday and your night to make dinner and nothing sounds appetizing. Burgers? Dull and, besides, we had burgers and fries Monday. Shepherd’s pie? Too heavy. Pizza? Had it for lunch. Barbecue? Had it all weekend and have the arteries to prove it. Chinese? Maybe, but we never get the stir fry