• Pouring it on

    Pouring it on

    “I cannot get by without Poppy Seed Dressing, though I’m personally tired of it,” wrote Helen Corbitt in the 1974 book “Helen Corbitt Cooks for Company.” Dog-eared, brown and oil stained, forgotten until just recently, this page in my cookbook has seen almost 40 years of action. Early in my culinary career as a new

  • The wonder of compost

    The wonder of compost

    There ought to be a Sir Albert Howard Day, on which we celebrate the founding of the organic movement. It was that British agronomist and writer, after all, whose work inspired the American author J.I. Rodale to part the chemical sea that had flooded agriculture after World War II and lead so many of our

  • Say cheesecake, lobster that is

    Say cheesecake, lobster that is

    Every month, I have the opportunity to showcase the delicious Maine foods in season and cook a meal for 200 folks. With the help of a dedicated group of volunteers, we source ingredients, most often from island gardeners, farmers and fishing folks, create the menu, and spend a weekend chopping, dicing and prepping for the

  • How sweet it is

    How sweet it is

    Sweet corn is not a great crop for the home garden. It takes up a lot of space and is a hungry feeder. A windstorm can blow it down. Its season is short. And then there are the raccoons, which always know just when the corn is perfectly sweet and tender and show up for

  • Nails for fall

    Nails for fall

    Fall is the time to show off your manicure because likely your toes are covered by shoes. We were bowled over by a photo of Blue Hill banker Bonnie Marckoon’s sparkly, manicured fingers. Hubby Stu snapped the pic while she was holding an acorn on a Vermont trip. What we like about Marckoon’s manicure is

  • Red eye

    Red eye

    The stranger had come up the trail from Texas, leaving Kiowa country for the high chaparral. He nosed his mare up the mud-churned Main Street, past the drover’s cottage and the land office. As unhurried as the longhorns he’d passed bedded on the short grass by the depot, he raised his eyes to the mound

  • In the name of goth

    In the name of goth

    We applied black lipstick and dark eyeliner as we prepared to experience the Gothic fury of Apothic Dark. The heavy chains draped around our neck cascaded formidably over our sleeveless, black, leather vest. We lit a candle, sacrificed a raven and filled flagon with the blood red potion. Gazing upon the gloomy, gray-on-black label, you’d

  • What’s in a wheel size?

    What’s in a wheel size?

    Dear Tom and Ray: I drive Lincoln Navigators. I like as good a ride as possible for this size vehicle. If I remember correctly, the one I bought in 2008 had 16-inch wheels. I think my 2010 also had 16-inch wheels, but you could get optional 18s. By 2012, they still offered 18-inch wheels, but

  • Let your taste buds bloom

    Let your taste buds bloom

    Just as summer follows spring, fruit follows flower, and August is the fruiting time of year in my garden. But at one moment at the end of the month, that was irrelevant. “You wouldn’t by any chance have any edible flowers, would you?” asked my visiting chef friend Joshua McFadden as he set about fixing