• Red eye

    Red eye

    The stranger had come up the trail from Texas, leaving Kiowa country for the high chaparral. He nosed his mare up the mud-churned Main Street, past the drover’s cottage and the land office. As unhurried as the longhorns he’d passed bedded on the short grass by the depot, he raised his eyes to the mound

  • In the name of goth

    In the name of goth

    We applied black lipstick and dark eyeliner as we prepared to experience the Gothic fury of Apothic Dark. The heavy chains draped around our neck cascaded formidably over our sleeveless, black, leather vest. We lit a candle, sacrificed a raven and filled flagon with the blood red potion. Gazing upon the gloomy, gray-on-black label, you’d

  • What’s in a wheel size?

    What’s in a wheel size?

    Dear Tom and Ray: I drive Lincoln Navigators. I like as good a ride as possible for this size vehicle. If I remember correctly, the one I bought in 2008 had 16-inch wheels. I think my 2010 also had 16-inch wheels, but you could get optional 18s. By 2012, they still offered 18-inch wheels, but

  • Let your taste buds bloom

    Let your taste buds bloom

    Just as summer follows spring, fruit follows flower, and August is the fruiting time of year in my garden. But at one moment at the end of the month, that was irrelevant. “You wouldn’t by any chance have any edible flowers, would you?” asked my visiting chef friend Joshua McFadden as he set about fixing

  • Tighten up!

    Tighten up!

    When the bloom is off the rose and a summer tan is off your legs, it is tights season. We found tights at The Grasshopper Shop in Ellsworth and at The Village Emporium in Bar Harbor. Grasshopper carries microfiber tights by Davco for $14.95 and cotton sweater tights by MeMoi for $24.95. The Davco are

  • Saluting the season’s harvest

    Saluting the season’s harvest

       I love the autumn season, especially just before the first frost. Nature puts on her most glorious show of beauty: gold and crimson leaves, bright orange squashes and pumpkins, green parsley, thyme and rosemary, tiny purple blossoms of mint. Life in the garden is full of abundance, the field crickets chirping endlessly, grasshoppers of

  • Time for shell beans to shine

    Time for shell beans to shine

    The beans were coming in fast and it was hard to keep up. Granted, I’d stacked the deck in my favor by planting the world’s most forgiving bean. It’s called Garden of Eden. Not to be confused with Lazy Wife bean, named for the ease with which you can open the pods, this one might