• Fall into mushroom season

    Fall into mushroom season

    Early Greeks and Romans are believed to be among the first cultivators of mushrooms, using them in a wide variety of savory dishes. Sizes, shapes and colors of mushrooms vary tremendously; there are literally thousands of varieties. Although wild foraged mushrooms are delicious, it is vitally important to know which species are edible, as many

  • The grapes of bath

    The grapes of bath

    For the past 40 years, ladies have been rinsing their hair with beer. You didn’t know that? Oh, yes. In the early ’70s, retail conditioners started boasting that beer was among the ingredients. It has something to do with the hops or, more precisely, the silica in the hops, which allegedly fortifies and strengthens hair.

  • Slow cook and savor rabbit

    Slow cook and savor rabbit

    Since raising rabbits is an important part of our organic farm plan for building the soil, rabbit is quite often on the menu at our house. This year we had a good harvest, 43 fryers, which we smoke, freeze or make in sausage.  Rabbit meat is quite tasty, very similar to chicken.  It does dry

  • In disguise

    In disguise

    It’s nearly Halloween, that magical time of year when little boys can be pirates and cowboys and little girls can become cheerleaders and queens of the realm. T. J. Maxx had purple velvet Queen dresses, complete with hoop and tulle, for $29.99. Those also came in a burgundy with a gold scepter for “knighting” the

  • Warm glow

    Warm glow

    Benevolent and mild though the fall has been, winter is on its way. With that in mind, we spent last weekend wrassling with storm windows, pouncing on drafts, squishing Moretite into cracks and installing sweeps at the bottom of doors to close the gaps. While considering the utility of a space heater upstairs or maybe