• Sweet on downtown

    Sweet on downtown

    Are you prepared to impress on Valentine’s Day? You can find everything you might want to give in downtown Ellsworth. No one can resist Godiva Chocolates, which are available at Beals Jewelry Store (97 Main St., 667-2161, [email protected]). Beals has two sizes of heart-shaped boxes of the Belgian chocolates for $50 and $75. Roses in

  • Is bigger better?

    The assignment was simplicity itself: go to Hannaford and buy two bottles of an OK Sauvignon Blanc. We were having company and one of the companies was a white wine gal. The shopping experience would entail the outlay of $23 to $25. Striding briskly toward the wine gondola, which is located near the seafood department,

  • Chowing down at the Super Bowl

    Chowing down at the Super Bowl

    Like most American families, we’re anticipating the matchup between Seattle and New England. The refrigerator is stocked with plenty of favorite beverages, our pantry filled with snacks, and the menu planned. Although the Super Bowl Sunday is often a continual eating fest, I try to be sensitive to people’s health and their waistline. Instead of

  • Sweater Weather

    Sweater Weather

    Sweater weather is upon us and we found many sweaters, from pullovers to cardigans, at The Grasshopper Shop on Main Street. Linda Beauvais, who is the buyer for The Grasshopper Shop, said the shop focused on sweaters for winter. There is a style for everyone. “The more layering you can do the better,” Beauvais said.

  • Cold comfort

    Cold comfort

    There are some winter nights that just beg for comfort food, and for me, anything with potatoes always works. Mashed potato, roasted potatoes, cheesy potatoes. Contrary to what some folks have you believe, potatoes, particularly intact with their skins, are a wonderful source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This recipe for Classic Scalloped Potatoes with

  • Ray corrects a few misconceptions

    Dear Car Talk:

    I purchased a 2004 Nissan Altima with front-wheel drive last winter. At one point, my right front tire was stuck on ice but my left front tire was on dry asphalt. I tried to get off the ice, but the right tire (the one on ice) kept spinning, while the left tire, on dry pavement, did nothing.

  • In All Modesty

    One of many memorable lines in the movie “Sitting Pretty” (1948) emerges in an exchange between Tacey King (Maureen O’Hara) and Mr. Belvedere (Clifton Webb). Tacey has had it up to here with Mr. Belvedere’s superior airs. She points to her good-hearted husband, Harry (played by Robert Young), and urges Mr. Belvedere to be modest,