• Tie one on

    Tie one on

    Fall is a time for scarves and Three Wishes in Blue Hill has one just right for everyone. We found striped scarves in muted fall colors, which would look sharp with a denim blouse. Those were $24.95. We also found silk scarves, including one in a heavenly blue ombre. If you’re more of a cotton

  • Any port in a storm

    Any port in a storm

    This is not a plea for sympathy. Quite the opposite, really. This is a song of gratitude for our deliverance during that wretched snowstorm Nov. 2. We know that many people suffered outages and inconvenience, that many were driven from their homes. These are the heroes. These are the ones who deserve sympathy. Our own

  • Sweet and simple

    Sweet and simple

    With the holiday season approaching, I’m scouting for quick, easy and healthy snacks that I can bake to share. Too often, we Americans are surrounded by processed foods loaded with chemicals, sugar, sodium and fat. Tempting as they may appear, these types of foods are not good nutritional choices, and excessive consumption contributes to obesity,

  • Fashionably warm

    Fashionably warm

    We were in college before our parents traveled to Maine without dragging us along. They did bring back for us a hand-knit, oversized, wool, cream-colored sweater with a giant purple and blue sailboat design. We loved it and wore it on the coldest of days for the next 23 years. In a fit of generosity

  • One-pot wonder

    One-pot wonder

    Fish soup is one of the most ancient dishes of the Mediterranean, and in Italy, every coastal town has its own traditional version. The recipes vary from family to family, and with the varieties of fish. The names will vary; on the Tuscan coast it is known as cacciucco, on the Adriatic side, brodetto (little