• What sign are you?

    What sign are you?

    A Maine January requires a sense of humor, what with the high winds and days of sub-zero temperatures. If you don’t have your own sense of humor, never fear. We found witty and snarky signs at J & B Atlantic in Ellsworth that will help friends think you are funny even though they know better.

  • Viva quesadillas!

    Viva quesadillas!

    Always searching for new recipe ideas, a special on a restaurant blackboard caught my eye and inspired me to create this recipe for Chicken Parmesan Quesadillas. Our family loves quesadillas. They are a quick and easy meal to prepare. I like to keep the pantry stocked with jars of salsa and sauce and a package

  • Delete your cookies

    A 2011 article in Wired magazine cited a university study of the relationship between music and wine. The study determined that when you drink wine whilst listening to music, you’ll think that the wine in your glass has the characteristics of the music you’re hearing. What they did was issue either Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay

  • Swooning over seed catalogs

    The rollout of the seed catalogs started early this year. High Mowing, the first horse out of the gate, arrived just before Thanksgiving, well before any enthusiasm for next year’s garden could be sparked. After the garden has been put to bed and the yard tidied up, it seems more important to de-clutter the house

  • Downton Downtown

    Downton Downtown

    Will Lady Mary emerge from mourning? Is romance kindling between the butler Mr. Carson and housekeeper Mrs. Hughes? Those are some of the burning questions on the minds of fans tuning into Season 5 of “Downton Abbey” on PBS. Why not make a pot of tea — make that Downton Abbey’s English Rose blend —

  • Tiny bubbles

    Tiny bubbles

    At the heart of all our joy we find bubbles. You blew bubbles when you were a kid and the bubbles made you glad. Coke and 7-Up had bubbles. Lawrence Welk added to the gaiety of his music with bubbles. Closer to home, the Bubbles are a pair of gorgeous, rounded mountains that resemble nothing

  • Ring in 2014 with Hoppin’ John!

    Ring in 2014 with Hoppin’ John!

    According to many cultural traditions, New Year’s Day supper will bring you good fortune in the year to come. Traditions vary by culture, but there are pockets of striking similarities and six major foods: grapes, cooked greens, lentils, pork, fish and cakes. In Spain, revelers consume 12 grapes at midnight, one for each month. For